Friday, August 22, 2008

When your system slows down

Isnt it so irritating when things don’t work at the pace of your brain? You click, click and click on that bloody link but it does not open… Everything is wrong with the network and the bandwidth and you of course curse man for inventing things like the internet which make you used to getting anything you want at a click’s pace… Oh damn! What a long click!

But you know, it honestly isn’t all that bad. Its days since I was thinking of writing something interesting. And look at what the slowing of my system has given me! Not only an opportunity to write something new, but the topic chose itself! Till my code chooses to activate itself (don’t bother with the terminology, its just some infinitely long processing going on), I write this to bore you thoroughly and enthrall myself with your dumbfounded expressions.. Hehe, how sadistic!

But it is just amazing the amount of small little stuff that you can do in your system down time. You can gel up with your colleagues who also are abusing the system performance the way you are. No better way to get along with people than a heart to heart talk about how very much you hate the way things are, your work is, your office is, how someone else got that promotion that you completely deserved, how people tend to boss you all the time... Or perhaps, if you are a workaholic, you could make a checklist of things that you haven’t ever tried on your system and the new R&D you could do and suggest your system developers on how they can improve their performance… After all, they don’t call you a geek just like that…

Or else, if you carry your newspaper along, open it and read that article which you thought you would read when you would get time, that is, if you have not already joined your colleagues in abusing your office and boss! And if you are the spiritual kinds, close your eyes and meditate. Resist all the temptations to abuse, let your patience be tested but don’t join your colleagues in the jolly good time they are having! No, no … keep your eyes closed I said…

And finally if you still don’t have any work to do, do it like me… Write stuff that makes no sense whatsoever and make people read it just for enthralling your self… Go ahead, go ahead… Enjoy the sadistic moment! Thank God, the system fails once in a while!

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