Friday, August 22, 2008


"I have always wanted to be different but in wanting it, I have been so ordinary. But, when I am just the way I am, I am so unique that I dont need to want to be different. I just am!
Somebody called me weird today. I felt so happy :D".

Style is all about being yourself. The moment you get conscious of what others think about you, you have lost it! If you wear a certain set of clothes and you are very conscious of whether your dressing sense will be appreciated, please change the clothes. The moment you are conscious of every one else's opinion, the style in the clothes ends.

Because there is no style in the clothes. The clothes are given style by the one who wears them. Stop wanting to look stylish. BE yourself - calm, composed, unruffled and dont care for what the world has to say about you. And what will follow you is your own unique style.

Over a period in time, I have understood my style. It is being simple, helpful and friendly. It is not just arrogance or complexity that can make you stylish. Each one has his/her own unique signature and mine is called simplicity.

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I believe happiness and bliss is the birthright of every individual. I believe that God is like an ocean and man is like a drop in the ocean, both have the same properties and one is just another. I do not recognize a God who punishes, who is different from me. All things - good or bad - yes, even the bad ones start in God and end in God. I dont believe in the start or end of time. I believe I am the frame of reference, the refered and the act of refering.
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