Wednesday, June 6, 2018


The aim of this path is to destroy you
Or rather, to destroy everything that you think is you

Till none of those concepts and beliefs remain in existence
In fact, till all of your existence becomes nothing

And from that absolute nothingness wells up a fountain:
A spring of bliss, a song of love, a dance of beauty
A truth indestructible, a joy unparalleled, a possibility infinite

Life living its ownself
Without you, yet with you
Destroyed, yet ever so alive
Nothing, yet one with everything!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


The question that haunts me perennially is Why
Once again I reflect on this unresolved mystery with a contemplative sigh

Why I seek to do what I seek to do
Why do I hold this goal so dear to me, so true?

Why am I where I am right now
A question whose depth I just fail to gauge somehow

How will we do is a question frivolous and shallow
It can appease for the short term, but long term pains it doesn't mellow

An innocuous little one is the question When
If you answer it without why or what, you are in big trouble then

So there lies just one that really matters
Sometimes it breaks hearts, sometimes our concepts it shatters

The unanswered Why takes away the sheen from the what, the when, the how
But for those who have answered this question, I take a humbling bow.

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Journey

You start walking alone in the forest
Observing the surreal beauty of nature
Sometimes, a blossoming flower lures
And sometimes, just the pleasant weather

Along the journey, you meet myriads
Some fascinate your imagination
Some you decide to tag along with
While others form their own faction

The trail bends in unexpected ways
And people leave your company untold
Newer people keep joining the group
The mystery of the forest, together they unfold

And one day, you spot a narrow trail
It is a path you know you have to take
You wish to stay back with your friends
But this decision is not yours to make

So, you take the lonely path
And continue on your own journey
For you started alone, and so will you end
And you walk alone, despite all the company

So, love everyone while it lasts
But know that it will end some day
So no attachment and no aversions
And peace becomes the only way! :-) 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A quick one

I want to write this one in ten
Thats the timeline that has been set
For post that, there is much work to be done
On time, this milestone has to be met!

I need to force my head to think faster
For rhyme, rhythm, flow and words I choose
For time is of essence, efficiency the key
To my manager, and not to creativity do I owe any dues!

My performance needs to be stellar
What people do in fifteen, I need to do in five
And the race to beat time has already begun
No real time in life for a true deep dive!

Be it poetry, philosophy or just smelling the roses
The activities are unproductive and too much time they wallop
So I abandon my attempt to this poem
My manager is waiting, and the time is up!

Friday, October 14, 2011


Grappling against the tides that have taken me by storm
Struggling to find the way out, unlike my usual norm
The pit of darkness trying to swallow me in its ugly mouth
Nothing seems to be working - neither ways harsh nor words couth.

All I have to hang on is a sutra - a thread
Hope is the only hope separating the alive from the dead
And now with immense faith I live each day of mine
I somehow know it isnt long for life to once again be fine!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Time and Again

Someday people have to die
So will you and so will I
And yet, they live a life so miserable
As if tides would change had they been more able!

The brooding over the long lost past
Regrets, failures or just that the time ran out too fast
The witch of the past still holds her magic spell
They miss the beauty of the present and regret tomorrow's past as well!

Some live in the worry and the planning for the morrow
If this was their last moment, from where would time they borrow?
No one knows the real prophecy that awaits
Then why waste this moment contemplating the future's baits?

The present throws no regret and shows no fear
It is there for a king as well for a mortal mere
The greatest mystery lies wrapped in this while
Transcend time
And open the present with a smile :-)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Her wrath

When the blue sky breaks its wrath on its people
The shattering remains depict the picture of the unholy truth
The black eyed girl standing by the remains of her cottage
Figuring out the tragedy of the ones missing around her

The soul of the father and the mother
Whom she loved as dearly as they loved her
And she seeks solace in the words of the neighbor
Who lost all her sons in the battle against nature

Death's paws turn ugly when nature is at her worst
For it doesn't kill fully, but survives a few
And the incompleteness of the heart doesnt mend so easily
Till time - the love of nature - heals it from within

And as the mother scolds her child when he goes wrong
So does nature treat you with her wrath when men needeth
But underneath it lies the blood curdling screams of the mother herself
It is time the children saved her as she saves her children.

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