Friday, October 14, 2011


Grappling against the tides that have taken me by storm
Struggling to find the way out, unlike my usual norm
The pit of darkness trying to swallow me in its ugly mouth
Nothing seems to be working - neither ways harsh nor words couth.

All I have to hang on is a sutra - a thread
Hope is the only hope separating the alive from the dead
And now with immense faith I live each day of mine
I somehow know it isnt long for life to once again be fine!

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Purva said...

short and sweet...i like the optimism!

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I believe happiness and bliss is the birthright of every individual. I believe that God is like an ocean and man is like a drop in the ocean, both have the same properties and one is just another. I do not recognize a God who punishes, who is different from me. All things - good or bad - yes, even the bad ones start in God and end in God. I dont believe in the start or end of time. I believe I am the frame of reference, the refered and the act of refering.
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