Wednesday, June 6, 2018


The aim of this path is to destroy you
Or rather, to destroy everything that you think is you

Till none of those concepts and beliefs remain in existence
In fact, till all of your existence becomes nothing

And from that absolute nothingness wells up a fountain:
A spring of bliss, a song of love, a dance of beauty
A truth indestructible, a joy unparalleled, a possibility infinite

Life living its ownself
Without you, yet with you
Destroyed, yet ever so alive
Nothing, yet one with everything!

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I believe happiness and bliss is the birthright of every individual. I believe that God is like an ocean and man is like a drop in the ocean, both have the same properties and one is just another. I do not recognize a God who punishes, who is different from me. All things - good or bad - yes, even the bad ones start in God and end in God. I dont believe in the start or end of time. I believe I am the frame of reference, the refered and the act of refering.
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