Friday, May 25, 2012

The Journey

You start walking alone in the forest
Observing the surreal beauty of nature
Sometimes, a blossoming flower lures
And sometimes, just the pleasant weather

Along the journey, you meet myriads
Some fascinate your imagination
Some you decide to tag along with
While others form their own faction

The trail bends in unexpected ways
And people leave your company untold
Newer people keep joining the group
The mystery of the forest, together they unfold

And one day, you spot a narrow trail
It is a path you know you have to take
You wish to stay back with your friends
But this decision is not yours to make

So, you take the lonely path
And continue on your own journey
For you started alone, and so will you end
And you walk alone, despite all the company

So, love everyone while it lasts
But know that it will end some day
So no attachment and no aversions
And peace becomes the only way! :-) 

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Navneet Nishant said...

Lovely! love while it lasts! your poem expresses the journey you have been on and the crossroads you have arrived at, at many points in life.. A very meaningful writing, i loved the part, specially unfolding of the mystery of the forest together.

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