Friday, August 22, 2008


It was raining pretty heavily this weekend. Warning was issued that nobody moves out of his/her home. So, what do you do when you are stranded at home? Ofcourse, TV!! Good, soaps do not occupy channel space on weekends. So, I could watch the news. Well, the plethora of news channels available for us gives us such wonderful variety to select from.

So, going through various channels, I finally landed up on India TV. India TV, remember? The Shakti kapoor scandal. The channel which relies on stings more than news!! Well, that’s what I used to think. Till, I watched this exclusive piece of footage which no other news channel could even cover! This wasn’t a sting operation though I thought, for the first time, that a sting operation would be much preferable. The news report headlined ‘Naag aur naagin ka pyaar’. Everyone is so keen on cashing on sex today that the news channel stooped to show two snakes mating each other at prime time. Well, we are not all that desperate, are we?

Well, if the idea wasn’t hilarious enough even for animal planet to show, the news reader made it even more incredulous. It seems he did a lot of ground research on snakes before he said this, “The female snake waits for the male snake. Then, the male snake climbs down a tree and reaches his mate. And all this while they feel nobody is watching them. But well, somebody is watching their romance. Who this is, we will tell you after a short break”.

Oh, you have to wait the entire break to know who saw the snakes mating. Ofcourse, it was the India TV camera! Sting, remember? Well, this was prime time 8 pm news on this channel and ofcourse no other news channel could show such important news to its viewers. Can you beat it, not even STAR News! But, I am glad for this exclusive bit of news, not for the news, but for the fact that it is exclusive, just on this channel! If others too joined in….

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namrataghadi said...

sometimes think that the news channel are more entertaining than the saas bahu serials...
they can make news out of anything.. if they read this blog of urs, it will another prime time headline.. [:P]

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