Friday, August 22, 2008

An Atheist (A Believer's Perspective)

Atheism, as per the Oxford dictionary means "Disbelief in, or denial of, the existence of God'. Culturally, we have been born and brought up with a certain set of beliefs and one of the most strongly reinforced beliefs in us has been that of the existence of God. Although, over the years, as we grow up, each one defines God in his or her own way, yet there are few who logically challenge this concept--some of them who cant find any logic behind his existence become atheists, and the others(like me) become believers.

So now, I make a classification as follows:

1) Peoplw who logically analyze the analyze the presence of God (Category Q)
2) People who do not feel the need for analysis Category(P)

Category Q pwople can be further classified as
i) Atheists (Category Q1)
ii) Believers (Category Q2)

I often come across threads in various communities on Orkut like 'What is the meaning of life?' which often(and pretty expectedly) takes a turn and enters the "divine" spectrum of discussion. And then, you see a huge clash of opinions between the theists and atheists. The atheist tries to disprove God while the believer would never even try to see the logic involved behind such a conclusion and would pass repugnant remarks against the atheists(ofcourse, not everyone does that, yet most do). Well, I dont really understand how can a "believer" be so non-inclusive by nature?

Well, coming back to the point---atheism. Or perhaps the difference between the P and Q1 category of people... Atheists, by disbelieving God, atleast prove that they are thinkers. They would not take any thing that any one feeds them with. Honestly, there was a point in time where even I had started thinking, 'Does God really exist?'. A thought on similar lines is sufficient proof of the existence of your own individual indentity in this world.

But, what really makes someone think like this? I am not sure. Though, I believe it is a sense of loss which triggers the question in your head. When unfortunate things happen, you start questioning the "happy endings" that you were always made to believe in.

Well, fortunately for me, when I was questioning the existence of God, I came across meditation---and I needed no more proof(Thank You Guruji for everything:) ). And then a realization stuck me hard that faith cannot be proved. And where the realm of logic ends, that is just the beginning of the realm of faith. No, I dont expect an atheist to understand that and I dont even intend to explain. Certain things lie beyond explanation. And yet, they exist...

I have always believed in "happy endings" and the faith in me says---> I will have a happy ending---perhaps, all of us will! And yet, when I see an atheist, I develop a sense of respect for that individual---because I realize here is a person who has the wisdom to question, to challenge, to understand...

Would like to end this by saying:
" Be it an atheist or a believer, behind the mask, lies the same face ".

- Shreyans Mehta
(A special dedication to Aakarsh--the atheist;), who in his own subtle way, inspired me to write this blog)

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