Friday, August 22, 2008

Defying Gravity

Can you imagine
how must it feel
To break out of a central attraction
That binds you down to where you are

Floating high, so high that you can touch your dreams
At almost an arm's stretch
Creating newer miracles
Breaking out of the mould that strong.

The black hole has lost all its meaning
No more gravitation to hold you back
You decide your boundaries
Rather, you are limitless!

Experiencing the kick
That takes you to such a high
That you reach a newer dimension
Whose existence you didnt know of.

Defying the rules is not so difficult
But difficult is to persist the defiance
And so lies the truth
With Defying Gravity.

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I believe happiness and bliss is the birthright of every individual. I believe that God is like an ocean and man is like a drop in the ocean, both have the same properties and one is just another. I do not recognize a God who punishes, who is different from me. All things - good or bad - yes, even the bad ones start in God and end in God. I dont believe in the start or end of time. I believe I am the frame of reference, the refered and the act of refering.
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