Friday, August 22, 2008

In The Quest For God

I searched the mountain peaks
And fathomed every sea
I searched everywhere
Every place where you ought to be.

I searched the deep valleys,
And tried to find you there
Searched every river, every stream
But you seemed to be nowhere.

I saw the animals
Searched among the tree
Oh God! Where are you
Please show yourself to me’

The traveler prayed aloud
And he looked very grim
But as all of us know
God could not disappoint Him.

The prayer was heard
By a man passing by
And the traveler’s quest ended
When came this reply

‘Have you heard of the deer
Who searches for the musk
Whose quest just like yours
Goes on from dawn to dusk

The deer smells the fragrance
And goes round and round
But do you know
Where the musk is to be found?

Not in the mountains
Not in any river
The musk is present
Right inside the deer.’

The traveler was happy
And the answer he knew
That God is nowhere
But in me and you.

Still, in the name of religion
The situation looks so grim
When people kill each other
They are actually killing Him!

So let us love each other
And let our horizons be broad
Let us stop fighting
At least in the name of God.


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