Friday, August 22, 2008

The Cage

'I roam around freely
This is my abode
The world inside is full of comfort
And the one outside is just full of load.
I am the KING of this place
This is MY zone
Oh! I quite love the comfort which it brings along
This territory, that I call my own.'

I am broken from these thoughts
When I hear a laughter full of mock
Swoosh! Appears a sage from nowhere
And when I recover from this shock
He tells me this place is a trap
Which I call my zone
That my purpose lies outside somewhere
Not in the place, I call my own.

I laugh at him in his face
But when he goes away
I start giving it a second thought
And white starts replacing grey!
OH YES! What the sage said was right
All this is so worthless
And if I stay here anymore
My life would be a mess!

Gripped by this sudden frenzy
I try to run away
Just to collide against the wall
The wall stands in my way!
And then I run in all directions
Thinking about, what said the sage
And everytime, I meet a collision
Just to realize this is a cage!

A cage the society built up
Before giving me this home
So that I could live in comfort
But MY world, I could not roam.
But has the society built this cage
Or has this been done by me?
A voice within still calls out

1 comment:

Sauron said...

Oh yes, totally! I can so relate the ideas behind each of the poems.

Nice writing, Shreyans. :)

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