Thursday, September 30, 2010

Her wrath

When the blue sky breaks its wrath on its people
The shattering remains depict the picture of the unholy truth
The black eyed girl standing by the remains of her cottage
Figuring out the tragedy of the ones missing around her

The soul of the father and the mother
Whom she loved as dearly as they loved her
And she seeks solace in the words of the neighbor
Who lost all her sons in the battle against nature

Death's paws turn ugly when nature is at her worst
For it doesn't kill fully, but survives a few
And the incompleteness of the heart doesnt mend so easily
Till time - the love of nature - heals it from within

And as the mother scolds her child when he goes wrong
So does nature treat you with her wrath when men needeth
But underneath it lies the blood curdling screams of the mother herself
It is time the children saved her as she saves her children.


Anonymous said...

hey sir,
you've opened up your own blogspot.... awesome, i didnt knew about this. I did'nt understood the poem though sir, do explain me that latr on.

Meet Shah said...

I wrote the comment. forgot to write my name.

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