Saturday, April 18, 2009


As I stand still by the roadside
Watching the machines fly by me
I wish I could drive one so beautiful
Tis the pace at which I want to be.

As I stand still by the roadside
Seeing the machines whiz away
Ugly and loathsome they seem to me
Destroying the serenity of the day.

As I stand still by the roadside
As the machines fly away in their pace
Serenity and speed lie not in the car but inside me
This knowledge dawning, brings a smile to the face :)


Sauron said...

I guess most of the sufferings of this world result from the fact that we are too stuck to ur own perspective to understand what others think...

Your poem captures these differences in perspective beautifully.


Shreyans Mehta said...

Thanks a lot Sumit :)

I guess we develop a perfect perspective of anything when we remain detached from it... Otherwise bias creeps in!

Dreaming Eyes said...

very well said....keep blogging...take care...

Sumit said...

Congrats on the award:

PULKIT said...

the poem was beautiful and very meaningful and I also admire the quality of ur pure template!!
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workhard said...

really like the poem.. it has a good meaning to it.. its only a matter of how and what decisions we make.. how we look at things..

Well written

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Narendra Gangwar said...

Sometimes i feel it is too useless to go into the meaning of the words. Just listen to the words, capture the rhythm and observe the flow. May be its not everyone's cup of tea to elicit the meaning. Yet, i enjoyed the camaraderie of words, regaled in the rhythm and swam with the flow. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK...

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