Monday, December 8, 2008

In All Times

Bad Times

The bad times tear you apart
Ripping your inside with a sharp edged knife
Pain soaring through the mind
Trying to figure the conundrum called life

Feeling just like closing the eyes
Losing yourself in oblivion
A world where no one knows you
Where you know no one
A non-existent entity!

Good times

The bliss percolating in you
And also being reflected at the same time
The reflection adding to the percolation
The world lies at your feet

Feeling like sharing the warmth
Hugging even those you do not know
Seeking to reach the zenith
Of the mountain called happiness

All Times

All times good or bad
Fade away in diminishing light
Mere reflections remain
Telling you about the impermanence

Making you seek the permanent
Making you seek the zenith and the zero
Both together at the same time
Being non-existent and being the infinite!


Dreaming Eyes said...

hey...i wana say hi....and u sound vry philosophical and at the same time.. vry spiritual and optimistic...and yeah u r vry impressive...keep rocking..keep blogging.. I like watevr u said..good blog...take care...enjoy life....

Atul Lunawat said...

I particularly liked this post of urs, felt every word of it reach within. Nice work. Keep going.

workhard said...

Hey u ve got a very interesting blog...

Im sure to return...

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Shreyans Mehta said...

Thank you everyone for the kind words :-)

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